Press Releases of Mazda Motor Europe

Executive Change at Mazda Motor Europe

  • Mazda announces today, that Mr. Franz Danner, Vice
  • President Public Relations, Mazda Motor Europe GmbH, has tendered his resignation
  • from the company with immediate effect.
  • Under his leadership the company has benefited from nearly one hundred successful
  • product introductions and related events over the last decade. The company wants to
  • thank Mr. D...

Mazda’s “Defy Convention” Ad wins TED Award

  • Last Monday the “Defy Convention” ad from Mazda’s current
  • brand campaign, launched at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, was chosen as one of the
  • ten winners of the second annual Ads Wort h Spreading challenge organised by TED, a
  • non-profit organisation bringing together people from three worlds: Technology,
  • Entertainment, Design at several occasions lik...