Press Releases of Mazda Motor Europe

Mazda Rear Vehicle Monitoring System to receive “Euro NCAP Advanced” Award

  • The Mazda Rear Vehicle Monitoring system (RVM)
  • *
  • available on the Mazda3 will receive a coveted “Euro NCAP Advanced” award at this
  • year’s Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) next month.
  • Euro NCAP reviewed the Mazda RVM and were
  • impressed by its many safety benefits. It helps a
  • driver avoid dangerous situations or even
  • collisions with other vehicles during a...

SKYACTIV Technology offers new Perspectives to Mazda’s Fleet Development

  • Breakthrough technology that will deliver major fuel
  • savings and emission reductions for fleets with no compromise in driving dynamics is
  • to be introduced by Mazda Motor Europe from beginning of next year.
  • Industry-leading developments that focus on new generation gasoline and diesel
  • engines, improved model aerodynamics, vehicle weight reduction, new...