In Japanese culture, everything happens for a reason and simplicity is a cornerstone of everyday life. And at Mazda we have a simple reason for what we do. It is this: To invigorate both body and spirit through the joy of driving. We want to create an emotional connection between the driver and the car. We call this Jinba Ittai.

Jinba Ittai (or “rider and horse as one body”) is the Japanese term which describes the harmony between a horse and rider. It underpins everything we do and is at the heart of our human-centric philosophy. It’s a philosophy which starts with the driver and builds the vehicle around them, creating an environment in which the car actually adapts to the driver. It is the guiding principle behind everything we do. It drives our passion. It drives our expertise. It drives our brand.

When it came to creating the all-new CX-5, our mantra for this challenge was “Car as Art” which is to say that we want to take the quality of our design to an artistic level.

Since ancient times, Japanese craftsmanship has focused on the purity of simple form. But that does not mean everything is merely simplified. It is the same for the all-new CX-5; our objective was to eliminate all non-essential elements to create a beautiful vehicle. There was no special magic at work, no secret code to unlock – we simply wanted to design a car that people want to drive.

For us, the all-new CX-5 represents the most fully evolved expression yet of our human-centric philosophy and there are many people who have played an important role in the latest CX-5 journey. The designers, the engineers and the specialist teams who put the all-new CX-5 on the road.