Mazda is marking an important milestone for European customers as it commemorated the 10th anniversary of the launch of its ground-breaking Digital Service Record (DSR). Initially offered in 2005 on the Mazda5 and MX-5, the DSR was the first system of its kind in Europe, providing free of charge a traceable and authenticated service history of each Mazda sold across Europe. More than 9 million services have been documented so far.

“The Digital Service Record revolutionised how each Mazda’s service history is tracked,” says Jorgen Olesen, Vice President Logistics & Customer Service at Mazda Motor Europe. “It replaced the service booklet found in the glove box, instead keeping all records on a secured central server. The vehicle’s entire service history –including mileage, roadside assistance and warranty data – is available on demand at any of our authorised servicing agents in Europe. Falsification and lost booklets became a thing of the past.”

Besides ensuring the service records never go missing, DSR helps protect against odometer manipulation, a common problem. The system also boosts residual values because a used car comes with official – and credible – documentation of a vehicle’s history while certifying that maintenance and repairs have met Mazda’s high standards. According to ICM Research conducted in the UK, a complete maintenance record can increase a vehicle’s resale value by up to 26 per cent. Moreover, one in three used car buyers would not consider a vehicle that does not have a full service history.

Swiftly expanded in 2006 to cover all new Mazda models, DSR also grew to embrace Mazdas dating back to 1998. This covers more than 4 million vehicles produced for Europe.  Subsequent improvements to the system included the integration of the vehicle’s service history into the MyMazda App in 2012.

“We strive to deliver a superior service experience for our customers. Therefore, we have launched another milestone of DSR enhancement which enables Mazda technicians to document the results of a service or vehicle health check online via tablets, or smart phones,” added Olesen. “In addition, the technician can add photo documentations of the areas requiring repair and via this way create the highest level of transparency and trust for our customers.”