Mazda Motor Europe announces that Mr. Colin Maddocks, (45) currently Director Financial Services of Mazda Motor Europe will be appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on 1 October, 2015. Maddocks will be the successor of Mr. Steve Robertson, (62) who will take over the position as Senior Leader for key corporate projects [before his retirement in 2016].

Colin Maddocks started at Mazda in 2005 as Director Network Development and Financing. In 2009, he became Director Financial Services. Since then, he was responsible for the company’s new financial services strategy, focusing on relationships with bank partners. Since 2014, Maddocks is part of the company’s executive team. In his new position he will report to the President and CEO of Mazda Motor Europe, Jeff Guyton. “Colin brings a wealth of experience in dealer network development, finance and business strategy to his new role”, says Jeff Guyton, President and CEO of Mazda Motor Europe. “He is the ideal candidate to take over from Steve Robertson.”

Steve Robertson joined Mazda in 2001 as Financial Director at Mazda Motors UK. From 2005 to 2009, he highly contributed to the development of the company’s business strategy, serving as Director Business Strategy and later as Vice President Business Strategy & Information Systems at Mazda Motor Europe. Before joining Mazda, Robertson gained deep experience in the automotive industry, holding several finance positions in Ford.

“Setting up several national sales companies and leading the company’s IT and Finance activities, Steve greatly contributed to our success in Europe. We are especially pleased that we can continue to benefit from his skills and expertise in key corporate projects”, says Guyton. Colin Maddocks will be replaced as Director Financial Services, Mazda Motor Europe (MME), by Mr. Stephan Reeve, presently Senior Manager Financial Services at MME. Stephan will report to Colin Maddocks.