Packed with advanced technology like MZD Connect, i-stop and i-ELOOP, new-generation Mazdas are more connected, more efficient and safer than ever.

Now the company explains in a rather unique way how these systems work. As one of the first carmakers, Mazda has added a range of videos to its website demonstrating how to get the most from its technology. The service is an important element of Mazda's strategy to maximise customer satisfaction with a thorough supply of information and support.

The new Mazda3 is the first model to be covered with 30-plus short video clips outlining the key features of the popular compact. These clips are already published in the service section of the European-market websites. They show, for example, how to operate the MZD Connect in-car connectivity system, which enables the driver connect his or her smartphone with the vehicle's system and bring numerous internet functions into the car. There are also videos about i-ACTIVSENSE driver assistance systems such as Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM) and Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC). Other clips, meanwhile, explain things like the digital service record, which replaces the traditional service history booklet with a counterfeit-proof vehicle maintenance record, or how to check the motor oil.

Mazda has introduced the videos supplemented with operating manuals (in PDF format) in 21 European markets and 17 languages, and clips for the Mazda6 and Mazda CX-5 are to be added shortly. The main objective is to help Mazda customers get to know their car quickly and easily, although the material should also help potential buyers to learn more about the unconventional Japanese company's products. And it will certainly help pass the time for customers waiting to receive their new vehicles, without doubt heightening their anticipation about getting behind the wheel for the first time.