Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that global production of its three full-SKYACTIV vehicles , the Mazda CX -5, Mazda6 (known as Atenza in Japan) and Mazda3 (Axela in Japan) has surpassed one million units, reaching 1,040,000 units as of the end of March 2014. All three models adopt the full range of Mazda ’s SKYACTIV technologies. The milestone was achieved approximately two years and four months after production of the Mazda CX-5 began in November 2011.

Mazda developed SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY with the aim of offering every customer outstanding environmental and safety performance, without sacrificing the brand’s renowned driving pleasure. The innovative range of technologies is the result of an uncompromising overhaul aimed at improving the efficiency of the base components that dictate the fundamental performance of the automobile, such as the engine and transmission, while reducing vehicle weight. The new generation vehicles that feature SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY also adopt Mazda’s KODO—Soul of Motion design theme which aims to express the strength, beauty and tension found in the movements of untamed animals.

On reaching one million units, Mazda’s Representative Director, President and CEO, Masamichi Kogai said, “At Mazda we put everything into developing our SKYACTIV vehicles, and it is because these models have struck a chord with a wide range of customers all over the world that we have reached the one million-unit landmark. On behalf of Mazda, let me express my gratitude to each and every person who bought one of our cars. With our undying challenging spirit and a great deal of hard work, Mazda will continue to make even more appealing cars that will enrich the lives of their owners, and help us build a strong and lasting bond with our customers.” As of the end of March 2014, Mazda is producing its three full-SKYACTIV models in Japan, Mexico, Thailand and China, and selling them in over 100 different countries and regions. The automaker is continuing efforts to expand the lineup and plans to introduce another five all-new models with SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY by fiscal year ending March 2016.

Year Month Production Other 2009 Nov Mazda SKY concept unv eiled at 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2011 Nov Production of CX -5 begins at Hiroshima Plant 2012 Feb CX -5 goes on sale in Japan Aug Production of all-new Mazda6 begins at Hofu Plant CX -5 production capacity at Hiroshima Plant increased from 160,000 to 200,000 units Nov All-new Atenza (Mazda6) goes on sale in Japan CX -5 wins Car of the Year Japan 2013 Jan CX -5 confirmed as best-selling SUV in Japan in 2012 Feb CX -5 production capacity at Hiroshima Plant increased from 200,000 to 240,000 units June Production of all-new Mazda3 begins at Hofu Plant July Production of CX -5 begins in China Cumulative production volume Nov All-new Atenza wins RJC Car of the Year History of full-SKYACTIV models All-new Axela goes on sale in Japan 2014 Jan Production of all-new Mazda3 begins in Mexico All-new Mazda6 wins 2014 Canadian Car of the Year Production to all-new Mazda6 begins in China CX -5 confirmed as best-selling SUV in Japan in 2013 (second year running) Mar Production of all-new Mazda3 begins in Thailand All-new Mazda3 top three finalist for 2014 World Car of Apr Production of all-new Mazda3 begins in China For more information about SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, please visit http://bra For more information about KODO —Soul of Motion design , please visit