In the spirit of celebrating those who, like Mazda, challengeconvention to make things better, the Japanese carmaker enthusiastically continued its longtimesupport for SOS Children’s Villages. Whether providing vehicles, organising educationaland cultural activities or donating company equipment, Mazda has been quite active during thepast year with SOS Children’s Villages across Europe.The focus is always on the children. Mazda Europe employees, for example, raised almost€14,000 for a village in Romania through sales at company facilities of items ranging fromMazda-branded bags and textiles to espresso machines. Some 50 staff from headquarters inLeverkusen, Germany also volunteered their time to paint a nearby SOS-run kindergarten.Their colleagues at Mazda Germany donated a kitchen to a new village slated to open in theDüsseldorf area this summer. Mazda Austria staff extended their ongoing support for a villagein Moosburg by, among other things, supplying Christmas gifts and helping out with thegardening. In Croatia, meanwhile, Mazda continued paying utilities and other expenses for ahouse south of Zagreb at the Lekenik village. And in Spain, besides donating money, Mazdaorganised conferences with mechanics students and even arranged internships at Madriddealerships. Mazda also supplied vehicles to the villages in numerous markets.“When Hermann Gmeiner established SOS Children’s Villages, his ideas about how to effectivelyhelp children orphaned by the Second World War were not exactly conventional,” says MazdaMotor Europe President and CEO Jeff Guyton. “This is one reason why SOS is a perfect partnerfor an organisation like Mazda. But undoubtedly a rewarding aspect of our collaboration is thatit makes life better for the children.

About SOS Children’s Villages

Founded in 1949 by Hermann Gmeiner, an Austrian, SOS Children’s Villages is an independent,internationally active organisation that operates on the belief that a child develops best in acaring family environment. Its work helps keep children with their families when possible andprovide a home for others through foster families and in the villages themselves. SOS alsopromotes children’s health and education, running kindergartens, day care centres, schools andmedical facilities together with local communities. Today, SOS Children’s Villages Internationalis active in 133 countries, operating 545 villages, 602 youth facilities, 222 kindergartens and108 schools. Mazda’s partnership with SOS Children’s Villages dates back to 2008.