Mazda3 ac hieved a striking result on the latest EcoTest from the German Automobile Club (ADAC). A Mazda3 1.6 -litre petrol with 77 kW/105 PS was the only car of the eight tested models to use less fuel than the official average published by the manufacturer . Instead of a fuel -consumption average (on the New European Driving Cycle) of 6.4 litres as given by Mazda, ADAC experts measured the Mazda3 1.6 -litre on their new and stricter EcoTest at just 6.3 litres per 100/km. All other tested models – including vehicles with petrol, d iesel and electric powertrains – were at times far above their officially published average for fuel consumption.

Germany’s ADAC EcoTest now measures fuel consumption, CO 2 and toxic emissions using new and stricter criteria. These now include NEFC measure ments, a test using the world cycle or WLTP, and the Autobahn driving cycle test from ADAC itself. The latter fuel - consumption test includes driving at Autobahn speeds of 130 km/h and full -throttle acceleration. In addition, all three cycles are measured w ith low -beam headlights on, and on the world and Autobahn test with the air conditioning on.