Mazda Motor Corporation has developed an advanced safety technology called Smart City Brake Support (SCBS), which helps a driver to avoid a frontal collision when driving at low speeds in the city or in slow traffic. The SCBS system will be standard in Europe for the mid and high grade versions in Mazda’s all-new crossover SUV, the Mazda CX-5, to be launched this spring*.

The SCBS system uses a laser sensor to detect a vehicle or obstacle in front and automatically reduces the extent of the brake rotor travel to quicken braking operation. If the driver fails to perform any operation to avoid a collision, such as applying the brakes, SCBS automatically activates the brakes and reduces the engine output at the same time. In this way, SCBS helps to avoid collisions or mitigate the damage from rear -end collisions at low speeds, which are the most common accidents with other ve hicles.

Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) * Availability varies by market.

Mazda CX-5 with SCBS Details of functionality of the Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) * When driving from approximately 4 - 30km/h, a laser sensor mounted at the top of the front windshield glass detects a vehicle or obstacle in front of the car and reduces brake rotor travel to quicken braking when the system calculates that there is a risk of a collision occurring. Next, if the driver fails to perform any avoidance maneuver such as applying the brake, an automatic braking operation is activated. When the speed difference between the driver’s car and the vehicle in front is less than 30km/h, the system is designed to avoid, or mitigate the damage from a collision.

Mazda is intensifying its safety-related research and development efforts, aiming for the ultimate goal of realizing an accident-free and safe motorized society. Mazda intends to extend its advanced safety technologies, such as SCBS, to upcoming new models, starting with the Mazda CX-5, to contribute to provide all customers with driving pleasure together with outstanding environmental and safety performance.

* Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) is designed to minimize damage from accidents and alleviate the burden of driving, based on the premise that the driver is driving in a safe manner. Please be aware that the performance of the system may be impacted by road conditions, weather conditions, the state of the vehicle and driving conditions.