Mazda customers are some of the most satisfied in Europe.

This was underscored again recently by two J.D. Powers Customer Satisfaction Surveys for 2011 in Germany and the United Kingdom. In both these key automotive markets, around 17,000 car owners were asked to rate their car according to driving dynamics, handling, low ownership costs, mechanical reliability and interior quality.

In Germany, Mazda3 not only won the important compact segment, it scored more points than any other of the 117 models surveyed and took home gold as overall winner, ahead of the Mercedes A-Class and the Honda Civic. The dynamic Mazda2 also had reason to celebrate, winning the sub-compact segment ahead of the Dacia Logan and the Mini. With these excellent results, Mazda took third place among the 28 brands on the survey, up from fourth last year.

On the J.D. Power survey in the UK, Mazda MX-5 was a repeat winner in the sports car segment. But it did more than just win its category. Mazda’s roadster scored a satisfaction rating that was higher than last year’s winning score; and it easily outdistanced the Volkswagen Scirocco, and the luxury sports cars Audi TT, Mercedes- th Benz CLK and SLK. This comes just four months after the 900,000 MX-5 rolled of the line in Japan, which will require an update of its entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best-selling, two-seat sports car of all time. Extremely reliable and dependable, the majority of these cars are still on the road. A popular race car wherever it is sold, the MX-5 wowed sports car enthusiasts in Europe with its handling at the MX-5 Ice Race held in Sweden earlier this year. A truly cult vehicle, it has fans, clubs and dedicated websites with fanatical enthusiasts on every continent.