Mazda Motor Europe has announced a recall of some previous- generation Mazda3 and Mazda3 MPS models due to a possible problem with their front windshield wipers. The affected vehicles were produced between 7 January 2008 and 22 December 2008, a total of 91,588 cars in Europe.

Mazda Motor Corporation permanently monitors the quality of its vehicles in production and in the field. When a first report reached Hiroshima of front wiper failure in a Mazda3 model in the US, the affected vehicle had a film of oxide around the wiper motor’s ground wire contact point, causing a loss of contact. It was found that the ground terminal could possibly be deformed during assembly of the wiper motor, and this was corrected on the parts production line.

The number of similar reports since then has been minimal, but Mazda decided to initiate this recall campaign to ensure ongoing quality and customer satisfaction. Affected owners in Europe will be notified in writing in mid-July, and asked to bring their car to an authorized dealership. The reworking is free of charge, and requires adding a ground wire to the front wiper motor on all affected vehicles.