The debut of the all-new Mazda3 marked the beginning of a new phase of Kodo—Soul of Motion design. Under the Car-as-Art ethos, Mazda designers are striving to expand Kodo’s expressive range and enhance the artistic value of car design.

Styling our new EV was a process of staying grounded in the beautifully honed, handcrafted forms of previous Mazda designs while exploring new directions more in touch with futuristic values and changing lifestyles.

Based on a “Human Modern” design concept, this new approach has resulted in an original design that embodies the expansion of Kodo’s expressive range. The overall form is uncompromisingly simple to emphasize the beauty of its solid mass, a coupe-like cabin achieves a lightweight look by adopting a unique door concept, and the front face bears a friendly expression.

Next week, Mazda unveils its new EV to the world. Get ready for something new.